About Me


I have been painting, creating and recording the world around me for as long as I  can remember.  I always have a brush, pen or apple pencil close at hand and inevitably sketch on whatever is in front of me!


Since receiving my BA ( Hons) in Fine Art from Norwich University of the Arts in England, I have continued to grow and develop as an artist, visual  thinker and communicator.


I use my art, listening and synthesizing skills to tell personal and organisational stories, facilitate planning, illustrate concepts and ideas and enhance personal and commercial spaces. 


My work as an artist, illustrator and visual storyteller has sharpened my listening, problem solving, design and production skills. The addition of  Graphic recording to my creative practise brought these skills to the planning, organizational development, and community conversations space. I produce engaging visuals in real time at in-person and virtual events as well as after the collaborative work has been done and a vibrant summary image is needed.


As brain research continues to show, the power of visuals makes complex ideas more tangible, facilitates learning and  enhances engagement and retention. Having your story visually represented is a great way to record landmark events such as a milestone personal/business anniversary or journey.



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